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…. ‘I’m getting a lot of respect from people in the film industry for doing what I love and just me being myself. People love the work I do in the workshops for the kids and it’s cool that people just take me for who I am. I like using aspiring actors in my films, as they need the chance to display their talents. It’s extremely hard to get into film as an actor or film producer so I like to give anyone who is dedicated the chance to keep moving.
Over the last few years BossCrowns has mentored and trained over 1500 participants (young film enthusiasts) in various communities across the UK through their digital video & drama shool. The overall theme of the showcase was to empower individuals to go out and tell their stories using the medium of film, video and TV. “You Live and You Learn” is a 5-minute film born out of the Barking Digital film showcase that Wayne has been running since 2001. “You Live and You Learn” is directed and produced by talented 18 year old Andre Glasgow (when he was 14 and written by 20 year old Andrew Whitney (when he was 16yrs old). This short film was entirely produced by students aged 8-16 and deals with a current madness of phone theft. The film was shown at The Childrens Fund event in Barking, hosted by Richard Blackwood and debut at the ICA cinema.

BossCrowns Team spent 3 weeks teaching the participants from Slough the basic aspect of filmmaking from pre-production, production and post-production.
The Keep Moving Academy was born out of the concept of being proactive and not letting anything stand in your way.
The Keep Moving Academy provides a forum where filmmakers are able to come together, communicate, discuss diffrent ideas, concepts in order to develop them for showcase through the Keep Moving Film Festival. They will also be recognised and celebrated for their achievements with the Keep Moving Awards ceremony.
Keep Moving Awards Ceremony
Our aim to make it one of the biggest events to take place in Europe. Recognising talent around the world. Especially focusing on new and emerging talent in the UK.
Keep Making MOViES Tour ‘Nothing Less’, ‘Caught Up’ a groundbreaking new film / series based on the ongoing trials and tribulations from the explosive innovative feature film ‘The System’, will be on tour alongside ‘Greatness’, ‘The Perfect Girl’, ‘The Chirping Cycle’ and an array of fresh new productions / talent.
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