W inner of the Prestigious ProductionBase Award Freelancer of the year: Beyond The Call Of Duty

Full of charisma, Wayne G Saunders is a, writer, director, producer, actor, cameraman and editor. Saunders, otherwise known as Mr BossCrowns™ and BossMan, is described by Pride magazine as “Director G, young black talented male sporting an Afro who seeks to make a prolific impact in the world of British film”. London Extra describes Wayne as a “Filmmaker Extraordinaire…struck by his uncompromising ambitions to become a well-respected and successful filmmaker”. In the opinion of the BFM magazine, his films are so good and natural it makes you feel that you are there; his direction is like a blade, sharp, fresh and innovative. The sounds he uses in his films are purposely aimed at matching the beats of the streets”. Recently, nominated for a Screen Nation film and television award. Screen Nation says, “Nothing Less is yet another hard hitting film from this talented young director, who continues to impress”. Last year Wayne and team went to Cannes film festival to promote and showcase their films. The response was very positive.

From an early age Wayne G Saunders was brought up around the surroundings of the media. His father a photographer and his mother worked as a journalist for a small publishing house and studio. He spent many hours in this environment. Wayne studied TV, Video & Film production at the Brits Performing Arts & Technology School, and went on to work at Channel One as a Camera operator/director.

Despite his youthful age Wayne has work with ITN, BBC, White Noise films to a digital editing course at VET, Channel Four, N Productions and IC3 TV interactive, The National Film School, LWT, Four Corners Films & OR Media just to name a few. Wayne has a BSc Hons in New Technolgy and Media communication and a MA in Screenwriting and Producing.
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